5 Security Gadget to make you safe at home


The increasing number compels people to invest a significant budget for their safety and the safety of their homes. Some objects are indispensable to make you feel secure and protect your coming and going.

 1: An alarm system

Who says home security implies alarm system. This device is now wireless. Whether it is just to bother and disconcert criminals in their misdeeds, or to protect themselves from a possible intrusion, an alarm system is effective in most cases. Several types of alarms are available everywhere. You will just have to install them in the most vulnerable areas in the house such as doors or windows. Certain models include a call transmitter that notifies the owner by phone or directly alerts the police.

 2: A random security lightning

It should be noted that strong lighting frightens burglars. Criminals prefer to operate in the shadows. The main advantage of the random security system is that the burglar cannot accurately predict the switching on and off of lights. So, trying to break a house becomes more risky for fear of getting caught suddenly. Furthermore, these devices include a programming function. In other words, the owner has the option to set the duration of each light, the specific period during which the random lighting takes place (15 to 18 hours, for example).

 3: A presence simulator

As its name suggests, the simulator will let burglars believe the presence of someone in the house, which is obviously not the case. The simulator is used especially when the house remains unoccupied for some time. Although owners may not be home, they can turn the simulator on to give the illusion people present in the house. The device simulates TV on, the comings and goings in the room, or lighting.

 4: Video surveillance

Video recorders can be considered as security objects too. In fact, video recorder are not limited to filming; they can also record everything that is in their field of vision. In addition, lots of video surveillance can transmit videos in real-time to owners even if they are missing. Anyway, it must be noticed that video surveillance tools are not limited only to securing the house. The images obtained can be used to search for criminals.

 5: armored or reinforced door

Studies show that most burglars enter via the front door to break a house. As a result, having a reinforced door increases greatly the security. Indeed, experienced housebreaker will have terrible pain to force an armored door. It will take them some time to break the resistance of the door. However, an armored door is expensive. Reinforced lock and intrusion hinges may be enough in some cases. In addition, armored or reinforced door must be combined with secure windows.

Sources Toptipnews.com