A letter from Abhay Dadhich to nation about the current situation.

Mr. Abhay Dadhich

People of india making there views about the current situations and whatever happening in the country, Mr. Abhay Dadhich wrote a letter to News Chakra about his personal views.

Take a look what he said.

“Letter to my friends who disagreed with my political views Dear Friends, It may be possible that I may disagree with your views but I will ensure your right to dissent and will listen your views with open mind. This right is given by our constitution but some time when I express my difference of opinion rather than providing cross logics you labeled me anti nation, anti Hinhu, some of you add words ..**..**, **..***.. and so on. I don’t know in which constitution you believe, at least Indian constitution not give such right to you for which you claim you are the only one who respect it. Your ego satisfy when you guys make jokes on Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal and on all who oppose you. You always looks speech like… Smriti Irani ne rahul ka band baja diya, PM ne rahul ka band baja diya… but I never said Rahul or Khaiya ne kis ka band bajaya … because I believe on facts, like logics without labeling and aggregation and jumlas. I know your ego hurts when Khaniya comeout from jail, you are not sad on anti nation salogans, you are said because you can’t fabricate a anti Modi person to anti nationalist, I don’t know JNU case but in his all speech he shown respect for nation and constitution, even suppose he was guilty for JNU case ..i would say Subhah ka bhula agar sham ko ghar aajaye to use bula nahi khate, but your EGO and bhakti …..???? So my request is yes I am not in support of the way of current Govt working however may support some polices but again I have respect of constitution and democracy and same thing expecting you who take national flag in hands and hurt soul of nation and by your words and actions. Hope you will respect the nation, culture and constitution of India.”


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